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Fr | 14 September 2018

Leech was founded 1995 by Marcel Meyer (guitar, piano), Urs Meyer (guitar, piano) and Serge Olar (drums).
A year after the foundation they released their first album “Instarmental”. More than 50 concerts in Switzerland and Germany meet with broad resonance. At the same time, the band was working on their second album “Soundtrack to an Individual Emotion Picture Mindmovie”. The album was then released in 1998 and was followed by numerous concerts in Switzerland and neighbouring countries.
Just two years later in 2000, Leech released their third studio album “Zerotonine Days”. This album is exceptional in the sense that it includes a vocal piece. The “Zerotonine Days” release was followed by two years of heavy experimenting, resulting in several projects with guest musicians from different musical genres. These projects were presented live only but never recorded on tape. It was also the time when the members of the band developed somewhat into different directions, which led to the (temporary) discontinuation of Leech.
In summer of 2006 the three initial band members got back together and Leech was launched again. The band carried on where they had stopped five years before. Two new members joined the band, Tobias Schläfli (synthesizer) and David Hofmann (bass).
In October 2007 Leech released their fourth full-length studio album “The Stolen View” and presented it with numerous concerts throughout Switzerland. In spring 2008 Leech was signed by German Label Viva Hate Records and the “The Stolen View” album was released in Germany and other European countries. In September 2008 they released a Split EP with the German instrumental post-rock band Long Distance Calling followed by a tour through Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The band then set out for a second Germany and Austria tour with Irish post-rock band God Is An Astronaut (GIA).
In spring 2011 Leech recorded their fifth full-length studio album “If we get there one day, would you please open the gates?”. It is undoubtedly the band’s richest and most appealing album that has set the stage for various new experiences, both for the audience and the band itself. The new album was presented live after another musician has joined the band (Stefan Hell), and the new material has been widely appreciated by the audience at numerous shows played throughout 2012 in Switzerland, Austria, and Russia. During this time, Leech enjoyed sharing live stages with a number of prominent bands such as Sigur Ros, Get Well Soon, 65daysofstatic, and Toe.
In March 2013, the band will be en route for another couple of shows throughout Germany and Poland: “We look forward to the feeling of standing in the sand and watch the tide slowly approaching again…”

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